Senior Infants

The children have just started to code using the app Daisy the Dinosaur.  Using this app they have become familiar with putting commands into a program and seeing the results. Using the Interactive Whiteboard they can show the rest of the class what they commanded Daisy to do.


The girls attended the Vex Robotics Finals in CIT on Monday 9th April. They had an early start, leaving Skibbereen at 7a.m.. They reached CIT and we had to set up our station. The girls had prepared artwork over the last few weeks we decorated our area beautifully. After this a few designated girls went along to the check out station where a DELL/EMC volunteer makes sure ‘Alfie’ was working properly and that he was within the correct size range. The volunteer stamped Alfie’s passport and the class went along to practise in the practise arenas. The girls had plenty of practise when we had the game field at the school for a week. This is how Ms. Quinn decided on the 8 drivers of Alfie for the final. The day progressed quickly and the drivers rotated as they completed the driver challenges. It was time for the team challenge where schools are matched up and you work together to gather as many points as possible. Each school had a different strategy however we stuck to trying to knock the 20 point tray challenge and pushing rings back behind the line to gain extra points, which thankfully worked every time. We ended up getting through to the top 20 teams which meant that we had to partake in more matches after lunch. After all the nerves and excitement we were successful enough to come in 3rd place out of the 25 teams who attended the final. To say that we are proud of the girls is an understatement. On top of all this excitement, there was a treasure hunt throughout the day to keep the rest of the girls occupied when they weren’t cheering the drivers on by the side-line and luckily enough Ella Hayes and Abigail Fowler won a CIT Hoodie each. Well done to all involved!










Using Technology

As part of Engineers Week 6th Class learned about different types of engineering – mechanical, electrical, civil etc.  The class took an online personality test to determine which type of engineering would be most suited to their personality.  Sports engineering was the most common result.


IPADs in the Classroom

4th and 5th Class have been working quite a lot on the IPADs during the year. Earlier in the year, much research was carried out for Geography and History projects. Also pupils used the IPADs during weekly station teaching of English. Apps like Ruzzle and WordBrain were used. Pupils in our class really enjoy using the IPADs.








Using I-Pads in Maths

Fourth class used I-Pads during our Maths lessons. We took pictures of shapes in our environment. We identified the shapes we found. When we returned to the classroom we shared our information with the remainder of the class. We used I-Pads when we were learning about “Lines and Angles” too.