School Choir

Choir 2017

St Joseph’s has a long tradition of choral singing. Over her career with St Joseph’s Ms O’Hare lead our choir and fostered a love of singing among our girls. We would like to thank Ms O’Hare for the wonderful legacy she has left behind her. We wish her all the best for the future.  

As the saying goes:

‘Music can change the world as it can change people’.

Ms O’ Neill and Ms Quinn have begun choir with the pupils from 2nd– 6th Class. Choir is often the heart of a school and it is very important for the children to practise the songs they know and learn new songs. The girls have been thoroughly enjoying the early Friday morning practice and have been very enthusiastic about some of the new songs. We have spiced it up a little and have included a Disney song from the popular children’s movie ‘Moana’; How far I’II go. After midterm, we will be focusing on the Christmas Carol Service with a traditional and modern twist.

St Joseph’s NS has a beautiful school choir. The children of the senior classes meet in our school hall each Thursday to sing together, under the guidance of Ms O’Hare. We sing for every special occasion in the school. This month we are rehearsing for our May procession.


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