School Uniform

School uniform

Hereunder are the details of the school uniform. Children must attend school in full uniform at all times, except on the day they have their P.E. class, Drama or school trips when they may wear their school tracksuit. Please ensure that children’s shoes are suitable for school, as shoes with high wedge soles and heels are not allowed, because they are not safe.


  • School jumper (navy v-neck with crest)
  • School tie (striped)
  • Red shirt
  • Navy pinafore (Navy pleated skirt – straight skirts are not allowed although it is an option for senior girls only)
  • Dark shoes or Black runners
  • Tights – navy or red – or navy knee high socks
  • Runners with non marking soles for the Sports Centre
  • There is an additional option to wear navy trousers in cold weather

In warmer weather, children may wear red polo shirts (T-shirt with collar), white socks and lighter shoes or sandals and school crested shorts.


The details are as follows:

  • Sweatshirt: Navy and red crested with zip
  • Red Polo Shirt
  • Plain navy shell tracksuit pants
  • Navy School Crested Shorts.

Children may use any navy tracksuit pants or navy or black leggings they may have, but it must be plain. No stripes, large logos or  piping of any description please. We do recommend dark navy tracksuit pants as it matches the sweatshirt very well.