Register your child

Register you child

  • Child details
  • Parent Details
  • Mother
  • Father
  • Other Personal Information
  • Photography
  • Social, personal and health education.
  • General Permission Occasionally, a permission slip for you to sign will be sent home to allow your child to take part in a specific activity or event. However, there are also a number of ongoing activities that often require your child to leave the school grounds, under teacher supervision, for short periods of time. Accordingly, you are asked to give ongoing permission to take part in short trips/activities in the following locations: Uillin The West Cork Arts Centre, Skibbereen Sports Centre, St. Patrick’s Cathedral Skibbereen, Skibbereen Playground, Skibbereen Library, Rugby Club (athletics), Rossa Park, events and activities in the neighbouring secondary schools, events in neighbouring national schools, nature walks in the immediate vicinity of the school and local history walks.
  • Accident form In the event of my child requiring medical attention for any reason during school or during any activities under supervision of the school, I consent to her referral to such doctor or hospital authority as the school authorities shall see fit. I also consent to the Doctor or Hospital Authority concerned carrying out such treatment or operative measures, as may be considered necessary, including the administration of general or other anesthetics. I understand that the school authorities will make every effort to contact me first.


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