Second Class Investigating Friction using Length 

We investigated friction using cars on a ramp. We measured how far the car travelled on carpet, wood, bubblewrap and cardboard. Some materials slowed the car down while others allowed the car to keep moving at pace.







Maths Mobile Visit

3rd to 6th classes were hands-on when the Math’s Workshop spent the day in our school on the 25th of October. They were completely engaged in puzzles, games and activities which promoted problem-solving and critical thinking. All agreed that it was a day well spent.









Maths Trail

5th Class completed a Maths Trail recently where they observed all the opportunities for real life practical maths around the school. In groups of 3, they completed stations in the corridors, the Halla and in the grounds at the back and front of the school. We found that we could use our knowledge of fractions, chance, measures, 3D and 2D shapes as well as our number facts and tables to solve the trail activities. It was a very enjoyable experience!