Green School

Meet Our Green School Committee

We are working towards our 6th flag focusing on Global Citizenship, looking in particular at Litter and Waste.
Therefore, keeping Citizenship in mind our Green School Committee was elected by democratic vote from the senior classes. The candidates were asked to prepare their manifesto and present it to the class. The senior classes then voted on their class representative, according to who they felt would be best suited to the job.
There are two representatives from each class from 3rd-6th class (pictured below). 
Congratulations on your election girls! The committee will be keeping their classes informed of all the Green School aims and helping us all become more environmentally aware! We are looking forward to working hard to keep St. Joseph’s green!
Our Slogan

Climate Action Week

We have been investigating Climate Change. The pupils wrote Climate Action Pledges. These are actions that the girls can carry out to reduce litter and waste, be greener and make their impact on climate change! The Green School Committee will remind students and staff of these actions during the week.

Green School Surveys


Thank you to all of the school community who took part in our surveys. Please find the results underneath. Well done to all on keeping up their hard work in relation to recycling and reducing waste.  We are aiming to be more globally aware and aware of our role as Global Citizens. Special thank you to 5th class who presented the findings so beautifully.



Litter Pick-Up


The pupils take part in the litter pick up rota to keep St. Joseph’s as clean and green as possible! See 4th class hard at work using the litter pickers and other safety equipment during their month in charge of litter checks.





The Lorax


Third class have been learning about caring for our environment through Dr. Seuss’ story “The Lorax”. As the book states  “Unless someone like you, cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better its not”.




International Projects


Fifth class have been busy researching different countries and cultures around the world. They have been learning about the differences and similarities between these countries. They focused on countries represented in our school community.




Global Links


Global Survey










Christmas shoe box appeal

The Christmas Shoe Box appeal has been running in St Joseph’s NS for many years. Parents, teachers and children have all worked to decorate and fill the shoeboxes. Sally Daly our local organiser, has as always, been on hand to encourage and educate us on the project. In total St Joseph’s has provided 125 shoe boxes for Christmas 2017. Well done to everyone involved. 


Collections for the Missions

The school contributes to the Cork and Ross Mission in Peru. The funds we raise here are used to help provide access to after-school education for poor families who cannot afford it. Sr Immaculata Murphy runs an after-school club for children whose parents are working, where they are fed and can complete their homework. Our contribution allows the poorest children to attend this club.

We also collect batteries for recycling with WEEE Ireland.