Global Citizenship

Global Citizenship Day of Action


The school celebrated our international links this March with our Day of Action.

Each class explored, shared and discussed the wide variety of cultures that are in the school community.

We would like to thank students and their parents who worked hard to contribute to the day, and staff for helping to bring it all together!

Junior Infants investigated the flags of their classmate’s countries.





Senior Infants shared flags and found their countries on the map.





First class discussed different foods from around the world and even tried some Goulash.





Second class showed items from their various cultures.




Third class learnt some different dances from around the world and later did a show and tell.

International Dance





Show and Tell




Fourth Class Global Citizenship dance





Fourth, fifth and sixth 




Fourth, fifth and sixth class played “The World Trading Game”.The aim of this game is to help the participants understand how trade influences the development of a country and to create interest and discussion about the world trading system in an enjoyable and non-academic way.

The earth is divided into two parts: The economically rich north (industrialised countries as the US, Japan and Europe) and the poorer Global South (meaning Africa, Latin America and parts of Asia). There are many ways of explaining the differences between North and South but one thing is clear. The gap between rich and poor is becoming bigger partly because of the world trading system we have today which makes the North richer at the cost of the South.

The game will try to show, through the production of different paper products, how the world trade works. How do countries interact? Who are the winners? Who are the losers?