First Class Booklist 22/23

First Class Booklist 2022/2023


Book rental books

Gaelilge: Léigh sa Bhaile Leabhar A *Rental

English: My Read At Home Book 1 (New Edition) *Rental

Starlight 1st Class Reader (Folens) *Rental


*Book rental scheme: St Joseph’s operates a book rental scheme each year. In the present financial climate it is important to keep costs for everyone to a minimum.  The costs of these to buy is €30. Therefore we feel that to avail of the Book rental scheme represents very good value for money. If you wish to avail of the Book Rental Scheme for the coming year, please reply to the message on Aladdin.


The books not included in the rental scheme are as follows:


Religion: Grow in Love 1st class                                                                                                                                To buy


Gaelilge: Bua na Cainte 1 ( Rang a haon) (Edco)                                                                                                   To buy



English: Spellbound Book A (Folens   NOT   Fallons)  

                        Words, Words, Words (personal dictionary   Edco)                          To buy 

                        Starlight 1st Class Skills Book (Folens)                                                  To buy 

                        Starlight 1st Class Combined Reading and Skills Book (Folens)       To buy 

                        New wave English in Practice  (Prim Ed)                                                To buy                        

                        Ready to write C1 (Edco)                                                                             To buy                             

Mathematics: Busy at Maths 1 (C.J.Fallon)                                                                 To buy

                              Table Toppers 1 (CJ Fallon)                                                                   To buy

                              New wave Mental Maths 1st Class                                                        To buy


S.E.S.E Explore with Me (First Class) EDCO                                                                  To buy




2-A4 hardback copybook

2- 80 page copybook (with margin)(English)

1- 80 page copybook (with margin) (Gaeilge)

1 Junior Sum copybook (10mm squares As x 310)

1 Plastic A4 Envelope folder for homework

An old adults short sleeved t-shirt for art (to keep the uniform clean)



1 Plastic A4 Envelope folder for homework 

An old adults short sleeved t-shirt for art (to keep the uniform clean) 

2 pritt sticks  


Please cover all books and copybooks and write your child’s name on the front. They will be collected on September 1st and stored in classroom.

€40 for pupil personal accident insurance, Sports Centre, art materials, homework journal and photocopying will be payable by September. 30th  through Aladdin. This is to facilitate contactless payment. This may be paid over the summer holidays for your convenience.  


Please ensure that your child has a small set of colouring pencils, eraser, sharpener, ruler and writing pencils in a see-through pencil case  


(To save on weight in schoolbag, extra colouring pencils in many shades of blue, green etc. can remain at home!)