Incredible Edibles

5008337We are taking part in the “Incredible Edibles ” program from Agri Aware. We are learning how to grow different fruit and vegetables.

We are finding that it is more fun to grow your own food than to buy it in the shop all the time. We are learning how to grow our own food so that we can grow them at home also.

We are a Health Promoting school so we like to learn how to keep our bodies strong and healthy, and how to have a healthy lifestyle. We think that growing our own fruit and vegetables will encourage us to keep healthy . We are looking froward to trying our
own school-grown food!

8725096Third class are growing lettuce. We sat our lettuce in our classroom. It is growing on the window sill. We are hardening our lettuce at the moment, taking it out of the classroom during the day and bringing it back in before we go home. This helps it get ready for life outdoors. We will also grow strawberries.

Junior Infants , fourth class and fifth class are growing carrots, potatoes and turnips.