Epilepsy Policy

This policy has been written in line with information provided by Epilepsy Ireland, the DES, the HSE and the publication Managing Serious Illness in Primary Schools. This school believes that every child and young person with epilepsy has a right to participate fully in the curriculum and life of the school, including out of school activities and social trips.

This will be done by having a policy in place that is understood by all school staff. This policy ensures all relevant staff receives training about epilepsy and administering emergency medicines.

Record keeping

When a child first starts school at St. Joseph’s, the school will gather information about that child, and record any additional medical information staff need to be aware of, such as epilepsy. This information is kept in a central record which identifies pupils with additional medical needs.

When a current pupil is diagnosed with epilepsy, information will be gathered from their parent/carer in consultation with the Community Care Team.

Individual Health Plans

All pupils with epilepsy have an individual Health Care Plan which is drawn up in consultation with parents and the Community Care Team. This plan contains contact numbers, details of the type of seizures, warning signs, medication taken at home, medication to be given at school in the event of a seizure, and aftercare. Copies of the Health Care Plan must be available in pupil folders and taken whenever the pupil leaves the school premises.

If a pupil requires emergency medicine, parental/carer consent will be obtained and medicine will be stored in line with the DCFS guidance. This medication should always be carried whenever the pupil is off the school premises e.g. on community outings, accompany swimming etc.

Health Care Plans are updated if there is any change in the type of seizures/medication.

Recording seizures

If a pupil has a seizure in school a record is made and kept with the pupil’s Health Care Plan. This information is available to parents/carers and professionals as a means of monitoring the type and frequency of seizures or identifying possible patterns. Parents are also informed if a child has had a seizure during the school day.

Staff Training and First Aid

Information and training is provided by the Community Care Team where appropriate. If a pupil requires emergency medication, at least one staff will be trained in the correct procedures. All members of staff are made aware of pupils with epilepsy in their class, the types of seizure experienced, warning signs to watch for and procedures to follow in the event of a seizure.

All SNA’s staff have received training in seizure first aid.

All staff have been made aware of the basic procedures for dealing with seizures.

Out of School Activities

When pupils take part in activities out of school, each group carries a class log, a copy of which is left with the school office on departure. Additional medical needs, including epilepsy, are highlighted on this log so that in the event of an emergency, responders are aware of the needs of all pupils.

A copy of the Health Care Plan and emergency medication are carried at all times when pupils with epilepsy are out of school.


Pupils with epilepsy are able to take part in all school activities, including swimming. The following

guidelines are in place to ensure the safety of pupils in the event of a seizure occurring in the pool:

There will be 1:1 supervision of pupils with epilepsy in the pool at all times and a swimming buddy will support the child in the water.(SNA)

Poolside observers and swimming instructors will be made aware of those pupils with epilepsy.

St. Joseph’s NS  will work together with pupils, parents/carers, staff, educational psychologists and health professionals to ensure this policy is successfully implemented and maintained.

This policy should also be read in conjunction with the school’s policy on:

Health and Safety Policy



The Bus escort is to ensure that the medication accompanies the child to school. If in the event that medication is absent the child can not proceed to school until the medication is provided. This is a parental responsibility.

Principal to inform Bus escort.

Board of Management

This policy was formulated by the Staff of St Joseph’s NS in consultation with the Parents and Board of Management.

This policy was ratified by the Board of Management of St Joseph’s NS at a board meeting on February 9th 2017.

Signed _____________________________

         Chairperson Board of Management.