Design and Make Activity


The third class took on the engineering challenge to build a tower to stand on its own. They were provided with their building materials – spaghetti and marshmallows!  We had lots of fun planning our designs and working in our groups to build our towers. We chatted in our group and decided on some improvements we could make if we were to engineer these towers again!

Engineer’s Visit 

Brendan Minihane visited 6th class for Engineers Week.  Brendan is a civil engineer working on the Skibbereen Flood Relief Scheme.  Brendan spoke to class about all the different types of engineering and the perks of being an engineer.  He highlighted the importance of maths and science for a career in engineering.  He showed the class some photos of big projects that he has worked on.  The class got to look at some documents that engineers have to write and some maps of the flood relief plan.  They also got to look through an engineers’ level which is a tool they use onsite every day.

The class also took an online personality quiz to determine which type of engineering would be most suitable for them.





As part of Engineers Week 6th Class learned about different types of engineering – mechanical, electrical, civil etc.  The class took an online personality test to determine which type of engineering would be most suited to their personality.  Sports engineering was the most common result.