Dear Principal and Staff,
We’re writing in relation to a neurodevelopmental condition which affects 1 in 10 Irish children. Dyspraxia can affect planning and coordination, fine motor skills and speech and communication.
It is estimated that, on average, two children in every classroom in your school experience symptoms of Dyspraxia.
Most concerningly, 82% of Irish children with Dyspraxia/DCD are missing out on crucial treatment and therapies due to lengthy public health waiting lists and financial constraints in accessing private treatment. This can be a huge frustration for many parents, which is why in July we launched the Beats Medical Dyspraxia App.The app is backed by Dyspraxia/DCD Ireland who have been hugely supportive and engaged in what we are doing. The interest in this new app has been so strong that Vhi have come on board to help subsidise the app for customers.
The service provides clinically proven exercises for gross motor, fine motor, speech and communication skills, as well as a support service for parents. The idea is to augment traditional care which children receive, not to replace it, by providing a home-therapy tool to help with long waiting times.
We’re urging all schools to get involved, to discuss “hidden” conditions like Dyspraxia with pupils and to engage in discussion about inclusion in the classroom. We’re also asking that you spread the word to parents about the Beats Medical Dyspraxia App. More information can be found on https://www.vhi.ie/dyspraxia or by calling the Beats Medical Dyspraxia Support team on 01 254 9975. It can help save them time, save them money and bring therapy to their children, who would otherwise miss out.
Please feel free to forward this email to staff, parents, friends, colleagues and spread awareness of Dyspraxia/DCD.
If you have any questions, or if there is an interest from parents/staff please feel free to contact us, we would be happy to help.
Many thanks,
The Beats Medical Dyspraxia Team
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