First and Second Class

Christmas 2021


Nature in Rang a hAon

 Having previously learned to identify trees and their Autumn seed, First Class explored the school grounds today. They identified horse chestnut, sycamore, ash, and beech trees. They recorded their findings using I-pads. 





Ways if insulating 


Second Class.

Tha aim of this lesson was to investigate materials that act as insulators. We all went to the Staff room and stood around the table. The teacher made a jug of hot chocolate and poured it int four mugs. We insulated the mugs with four different materials. One with a woolly sock, one with tinfoil, one with kitchen paper and one with bubble wrap. Predictions were made. Results were discussed. Records were made. 

Hot chocolate was enjoyed!!! 

The woolly sock won the day!

It was the best material for keeping things warm.



Art for January


Second Class Christmas Play 2016

“The Magical Christmas Jigsaw”

Fron Out of the Ark





The Nativity

First Class









We were identifying insulating materials.

Equipment: 4 CUPS
A wooly sock
Kitchen paper
Bubble wrap.

Method: Children predict which material is the best insulator.
We made drinking chocolate. We put some in each cup with each of the four insulating materials.
Children predicted.
Children tasted.
Which material was best?

1st the sock
2nd Tinfoil
3rd Bubble wrap
4th Kitchen paper.

We all enjoyed a taste of drinking chocolate!

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