Junior and Senior Infants

Christmas 2022

Christmas 2021


Junior Infants

Design and make a lava lamp

The pupils had great fun discussing and predicting what would happen if we mixed certain things. Following this we carried out some investigations. We mixed oil and water, water and a non-effervescent tablet, water and an Alka-Seltzer tablet, water and food colouring, oil and food colouring and oil and an Alka-Seltzer tablet. The children were then introduced to the term ‘a chemical reaction’. Next we made our own lava lamp by combining water, food colouring and oil in a plastic water bottle. I encouraged the children to predict what would happen if I dropped an Alka-Seltzer tablet into the water. We dropped it in and observed what happened. The children loved this activity and there was great excitement when we increased the chemical reaction by increasing the size of the tablet.

Dancing Raisins 

The girls really enjoyed this experiment. Before setting it up they predicted what they thought would happen when the raisins were dropped into the 7up. Next, they poured the 7up into a clear plastic cup, making sure not to spill any. After this, they dropped some raisins into it and observed what happened. They noticed how the raisins were heavier and fell to the bottom. Following further examination and with some explanation they saw how the bubbles stuck to the raisins, making them lighter. They then floated to the top again where the bubbles burst and the cycle continued.


Junior Infants

Together we engaged in a class discussion about magnets. Here I elicited the children’s prior knowledge about magnets;

What do magnets do?

What sort of things ‘stick’ to a magnet?

What are magnets used for?

Together we looked at the four main types of magnets – the horseshoe, bar, doughnut and wand magnets. We examined their shape, appearance and strength. Following this, the children went on a class treasure hunt to find new things that stuck to the magnets and things that did not. We discussed our findings. The children learned that iron, nickel and cobalt are attracted to magnets, about their north and south poles and attraction and repulsion. They enjoyed examining different materials and see if they were attracted to magnets or not. They really enjoyed this activity.

Busy at Maths in Junior Infants

Senior Infant School Tour 2017


The Hollies

The Hollies is a centre for training in Practical Sustainability on about 30 acres near Enniskeane, in West Cork, Ireland. It is owned by An Baile Dulra Teoranta, a company with charitable status for the eduational work it promotes. It aims to create working examples of what a sustainable society might look like in the areas of housing, energy, gardening, economics and community development.

Since 1999 they have been developing educational programs and putting in place examples of various natural building techniques. The Hollies is particularly known as the prime place for the revival of cob building in Ireland.

Mrs Groarke and Senior Infants visited the Hollies recently and had a wonderful day.

Pancakes on Shrove Tuesday.

Our Wonderful Snowmen

 ” A miracle in Town”

Christmas 2016

Science Rising 2016


Science, science everywhere or so it seemed in Junior and Senior Infants this week. We investigated, we tested, we measured, we recorded, we demonstrated, we learned and we had such fun!!!

Junior Infants


Senior Infants

Senior Infants had great fun with Air and Moving Air during Science Week. Experiments were carried out to move various materials using air. We made fans to move objects and to experience air moving. On Friday we did a Show and Tell in the Halla for other classes and Teachers. Much fun was had playing “Air football” and making blowing bubbles which the wind carried off. Science at its best.

School Tour 2016.

Mrs. Groarke organised a wonderful experience for Senior Infants. A Teddy Bear’s Picnic. Everyone had so much fun. Thank you Mrs. Groarke. Here are some memories of our day. Hope you enjoy them.


Senior Infants were inspired by the story “Fun on Friday” in their class reader to recycle boxes for their own “Fun on Friday”
They spent two weeks gathering boxes and making plans. With the help of their parents, brothers and sisters they made wonderful creations.
On Friday the 29th of April they displayed their “Boxes” in the Halla . Senior Infants made presentations to Junior Infants, First Class and Second Class. Each child spoke eloquently about their creation.
All agreed that we had “Fantastic Fun on Friday”
Well done all!!!

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