Fifth and Sixth Class

Christmas 2022

Christmas 2021


Sixth Class

Newtons Disc

White light is made up of seven colours of the spectrum: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. When the disc is spun quickly, the eye sees all seven colours at the same time and it appears white. In reality, the disc is off-white, as the colours are not pure.

Flick Book

As you flick the pages, your eyes and brain try to blend the pictures together, so the pictures appear to move. Movies need to show 24 pictures per second to make the image smooth enough to look as if it is moving.


Light shines through the decorated paper into the tube. The plastic-covered foil sides act like mirrors, reflecting the light. Each side also reflects the light that reflects from the other sides. All these different reflections create interesting patterns of coloured light.

Pinhole Projector

The light from the torch passes through the pinhole and onto your viewer. Light rays from the top of the torch hit the bottom part of the viewer, and rays from the bottom hit the top part of the viewer. These rays cross over when they pass through the pinhole, so you see the image upside down.

Fourth Class & Fifth Class

Our class were investigating the Law of the Lever. First at our tables, using short and long rulers we tried to work out whether a short or long lever was more effective in lifting a weight like our maths sets. We also had to work out how to define a long lever (the distance between the fulcrum and our hand pushing down on the lever). Everyone worked out that the longer the lever  the easier it was to lift an object. After a while we moved to heavier weights like a box of books and observed the difference in lifting it with short and long levers. We also lifted one of the bunkers in the room and even managed to lift part of the white board with our baby fingers. The class also spoke about places where levers were used in history to build large structures like the Pyramids in Egypt, Stonehenge and Newgrange and locally in West Cork, the Drombeg Stone Circle.

Maths Week in 6th class

This week 6th class have been taking part in many different challenges as part of maths week 2018. We are doing an estimation challenge, trying our hand at dingbats, took on the jumping maze and other maths challenges!

Sixth Class Art.


Maths Workshop rang a Sé 

We had the opportunity of working with Mr Pat Hanrahan a retired principal last week. He introduce us to maths equipment called Izac9. This equipment was very interesting and we enjoyed using it. See us in action.


Shrove Tuesday

Pancakes with 5th Class

Pancakes with 6th class

Seó Faisin Rang a Sé

Sixth Class Science.

In a recent science lesson, we built “Electrical Bugs”

Materials required.

One size D battery,

Electrical wire

A small bulb

Blu tack



We took two electrical wires and connect one to the top of the battery and one to the bottom of the battery. We then connected the other end of both wires to the bulb using Blu tack. This created a circuit.

We had alot of fun doing this experiment. Some bugs worked better than others and some bugs looked really cool.

We were praying for snow!!

Our Art Display 



Fifth Class Gymnastics

The children of 5th Class participating in P.E. We are currently covering the strand of gymnastics and the children are learning how to perform various movements and sequences. In the strand of Gymnastics, the children improve quality in body performance, body tension and body shape. They are thoroughly enjoying it and will be creating a routine in groups which they will be marked on, based on teamwork, movements, balance and the range of gymnastics actions in which they have learned.

Our Christmas Play.


from Out of the Ark

5th & 6th Class 2016

Biz Works 2016

On Friday evening, the 25th of November the children of 5th class from St Joseph’s National School attended the Enterprise Ireland event in the Spots Centre, Skibbereen. The Bank of Ireland hosted the event and many businesses from around Skibbereen had stalls promoting their businesses. Dáithí Ó Sé was the guest speaker and made the whole event very pleasant for the children. The event ran from 5.30-8.30 pm and Miss Quinn and Mrs Groarke assisted the children for the night.

The children of the winning team from Biz World ‘Shotpots’ had prepared the ingredients in school and kept them refrigerated until they had to be brought down to the Sports hall. When we arrived to the hall, there was an assigned table arranged for the children and alongside them was the Parents association who were selling tickets for the Winter Warmer. The parents association also so kindly donated the ingredients for the ‘Shotpots’. The children began to set up their stall and a queue formed promptly. The girls felt the pressure as there was a huge demand for the ‘Shotpots’. They thoroughly enjoyed dealing with the money and communicating with the customers. They got the ultimate experience of what running a business is all about.

The winning group were called up on stage, gave their speech on what Biz World is all about and were presented with their certificates from the witty Dáithí Ó Sé, they also thanked the Bank of Ireland for giving them the opportunity to participate in the programme and presented Marge Doolan with a card and a bunch of flowers and Celeste (manager of BOI) with a card. Each child from the class was then called up and presented with their certificate.

Dáithí was extremely busy mingling with the people of the community; however we managed to capture some beautiful pictures. The girls were thrilled when he decided to have a ‘Shotpot’ which the girls had kept for especially him as their business was a sell-out.

Bríd Stack, the Cork Senior Footballer also arrived and had a brief interview with Dáithí on stage, the girls were lucky enough to capture some beautiful moments with her and the cup, they even managed a few ‘selfies’. As the time passed by Celeste Shorten announced the winner of the Christmas decoration which the children took part in. The main winner who was presented with a tablet was Claire Mary Griffin of 5th Class and Orla O’ Driscoll took second place winning a glass ornament both sponsored by the Bank of Ireland. The children were ecstatic with their profits from the ‘Shotpots’ and really enjoyed their evening.

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