December 2nd

Dear Parents,

St Joseph’s NS and St Patrick’s NS will be closed on December 2nd for pupils to facilitate Staff training on the New Language Curriculum. Both schools have come together to best facilitate parents. 

This training is mandatory and is being undertaken under the direction of the Department of Education.  


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Science Week

Science Week is well underway in St Joseph’s this week. We will have articles and photos of school events  in the near future. 

You may well have already heard about the shows being hosted in City Hall this Saturday 19th. This year all shows are FREE.

The 3D shows will be particular Read More


WOW Notice!!!!

Dear Parents,

For health and safety reasons please note the following instructions.

  • Turn your car in the turning circle provided at the end of the cul-de-sac.
  • Drop you child from the passenger side of your car at the Playground entrance.
  • Children to congregate inside the Playground gate.

Thank you.