Cardiac Policy (Child Specific)

This policy was drafted to make Staff aware of the child’s condition and to allow the child access the full curriculum.

Knowledge of the condition

The child has undergone cardiac surgery prior to starting school in St Joseph’s NS.

She may become breathless if over exerted and her lips may become blue due to lack of oxygen.

She is on Warfarin. This may cause excessive bleeding if she receives a severe cut. 

Actions to be taken

If the child presents with any of the above symptoms:

  1. Sit the child down.
  2. Remain with the child and send for adult assistance.
  3. Inform the office/Principal/another Staff member who will contact the parents.
  4. If parents are un-contactable the Principal/Vice Principal/Class teacher will decide if medical assistance is required.

Annual Actions

All staff are to be made aware of this child and her condition.

Parent Responsibility

To keep the school updated on the child’s condition.

Board of Management

This policy was formulated by the Staff of St Joseph’s NS in consultation with the Parents and Board of Management.

This policy was ratified by the Board of Management of St Joseph’s NS at a board meeting on February 9th 2017.

Signed _____________________________

         Chairperson Board of Management.