Asthma Policy

 Our school is committed to ensuring that students with asthma achieve their full potential and take part in every aspect of school life.

We aim to:

 • Make provision for the immediate needs and requirements of students who have asthma

• Ensure the physical safety and wellbeing of all students with asthma

• Ensure that adequate resources and arrangements are in place to support students with asthma

• Ensure that procedures are in place for communicating with parents

• Provide training for staff in meeting the needs of students with asthma

 • Comply with all legislation relating to safety and welfare at work

Roles and responsibilities Students:

• Are supported to self-manage their asthma in line with their age and stage of development: we explain asthma and asthma care to students and provide care with, not just to, them

 • Have access to their reliever medication at all times


• Provide the school with an Asthma Action Plan (annually), signed by the treating doctor/healthcare professional

 • Provide their child’s medication, clearly dated and in the original labelled container. A spacer, and mask as required, should also be supplied

• Alert staff to any changes in their child’s asthma management Staff:

 • Assist students to take their medication if necessary and administer medication in an emergency

• Document an asthma attack and advise parents/carers as a matter of priority

• Have a spacer and mask replacement policy. If a student uses a spacer/mask label it with their name for future use or dispose of it thoughtfully

• Minimise exposure to known triggers

 • Display the 5 Step Rule poster in each class room

 • Accompany a student to hospital in the case of an emergency Management:

• Meet all legal, regulatory and policy requirements related to health care planning and asthma, and review regularly

• Induct new staff in asthma policies and procedures including asthma training and information for all staff

• Review policies and practices

 Monitor and review

• Review policies and practices