Active School Week 2018

Day One

was unfortunately raining so we brought our activities inside. Jonathon Davis of Body Active came and did a session with each class. The girls learned how to do squats, the plank, lunges and many other fitness activities. Each class also did their own classroom activity breaks to keep the girls busy.






On Day Two

Eilish Herlihy came and did a dance class with the girls. The dances ranged from the Macarena and the chicken dance to more complex moves from Footloose (which the teachers also struggled with!) In the afternoon the classes went outside to practise their skipping. The younger classes used the individual ropes and hula hoops and the older classes used the long ropes and also tried French skipping which involves two ropes.












Day Three

Thankfully the sun shone on Wednesday. The younger classes enjoyed a scavenger hunt around the school. They worked in pairs to solve some clues hidden around the yard. The older classes enjoyed basketball in the afternoon. We had four past pupils who did drills and games with the girls which they really enjoyed.











On Day Four

The classes took part in playground games outside. Sixth class went for a walk to Rossa Park and had a game of Hide and Seek! We also had music in the yard at lunchtime and the girls showed off the moves that they had learned on Tuesday.




Day Five

Friday kicked off with a kickboxing demonstration from Ian Kingston and Tommy O Donoghue as well as some of the girls from the local kickboxing club. Following on from this the girls went outside and learned a short routine. In the afternoon we had our ‘fun and games’ slot. The classes were mixed and had 7-8 minutes at various stations incorporating relay races, ball games, hula hoop activities and the parachute. The Parents Association very kindly provided us with a box of fruit salad and a bottle of water for each child.











We had a super week and all of the students were kept active and engaged.

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