STEM Show and Tell

Junior Infants

We presented our experiments to the whole school. 

Static Electricity & Dancing raisins 




 This is a video of Senior Infants preparing for Show and Tell 


Moving Air.






Investigating Light

1st class investigated light. We experimented with mirrors to find out about reflections. We had fun looking around corners. Then we designed and made kaleidoscopes. Everyone enjoyed looking through our kaleidoscopes.







3rd class carried out the “Rocket Balloon” experiment. We investigated forces in this experiment. The air in the balloon was pushed out when it was left go, the balloon was pulled along the string as the air left it. We tested different sizes of the balloon and noted and differences. We really enjoyed this experiment!





4th Class Science Week Show and Tell Activity

Making lava lamps – investigating the density of different materials (water and oil) and the chemical reactions of different materials (Alka Seltzer tablet with water)

Investigated how CO2 is heavier than air and why it is an effective fire extinguisher.




 Fifth Class







Sixth Class







Last October as part of Science Week we did a show and tell in the halla.  6th class demonstrated  two experiments to the other classes.  The first experiment was to see what would happen if we lit a candle and then put a glass over it.  We asked the other classes for predictions.  Of course the candle quenched as soon as it ran out of oxygen.  We then repeated the experiment but we put the candle on a plate surrounded with water and food dye.  We asked the group what would happen to the water when the candle quenched.  Because the oxygen in the glass was used up by the candle and left space, the water was sucked into the glass then rose up inside it.  It looked really cool!



Our second experiment for the Show and Tell was to investigate what material would be best for insulating purposes.  We had four stacks of sugar cubes on a plate.  We placed a little of four different materials (plastic, kitchen paper, greaseproof paper and newspaper) on top of the stacks and then added another few sugar cubes.  We then poured some water with food dye in it onto the plate. The water began to rise up through the sugar cubes.  We quickly realised the kitchen paper would be the first that the water would soak through.  After that, it was the newspaper, then the greaseproof paper.  The plastic prevented the water from soaking through.  We learned that when you are building a house it is important to use a material like plastic to prevent water from soaking through.


Rng Naomh Eoin 

our Special Class