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Planting Apple Trees




Investigation the life cycle of the butterfly.

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Environmental awareness and care



Community Garden

4th Class visited the Community Garden in September. The Garden is located on a piece of unused ground near Drinagh Co-Op. We met two volunteers who showed us around and told us a little about the garden. They showed us the different trees, plants and vegetables that were growing there. We were split into two groups. One group helped to harvest potatoes while another group helped to sow lettuce plants. The beds were covered in black cloth with holes for the plants. The cloth helps to stop weeds from growing but allows water to get to the plants. We were allowed to take a potato each for ourselves! We really enjoyed our visit to the garden and look forward to going back again soon!


School Garden Litter Pick







We planted bulbs with our teacher. It takes a long time to grow flowers from bulbs. We planted them in October and we didn’t see any flowers until Spring. 






Solar Energy

Guest speaker 

On Wednesday the 3rd of May, Kieran O’Shea made a visit to St. Joseph’s. The girls of 5th class were lucky enough to invite him into their class as part of Science week. Kieran is an electrical engineer and is director of a company called Pro Service/ RVR in Kenmare, Co. Kerry. This company deals with gas installation, solar power, heat pumps and much more. He made the children aware of solar power and energy. He gave a demonstration on how a solar panel works and generates power. The children were lucky enough to go home with plenty of freebies also. Ayleasha Brosnan was the winner of a carbon monoxide alarm. It is important for the children to understand such a topic which is becoming more advanced every year.








Energy and forces

Senior Infants had great fun with Air and Moving Air during Science Week. Experiments were carried out to move various materials using air. We made fans to move objects and to experience air moving. On Friday we did a Show and Tell in the Halla for other classes and Teachers. Much fun was had playing “Air football” and making and blowing bubbles which the wind carried off. Science at its best.







Second Class.

Tha aim of this lesson was to investigate materials that act as insulators. We all went to the Staff room and stood around the table. The teacher made a jug of hot chocolate and poured it int four mugs. We insulated the mugs with four different materials. One with a woolly sock, one with tinfoil, one with kitchen paper and one with bubble wrap. Predictions were made. Results were discussed. Records were made. 

Hot chocolate was enjoyed!!! 

The woolly sock won the day!

It was the best material for keeping things warm.






Electrical Bugs 







The Sixth Class made Electrical Bugs based on electrical circuts.  They were amazing!!


Separating Materials

by First Class

Experiment 1.                                                  Stones & wood

We mixed stones and wooden blocks

We mixed stones and wooden blocks. We separated them by hand.

Experiment 2                                                 Stones & Baking Soda

We mixed stones and baking soda.

We used a sieve to separate them.


Experiment 3                                       Baking soda & Iron filings

We mixed baking soda and iron filings. 

We used a magnet to separate them.

Experiment 4                                                      Salt & Sand


We mixed salt and sand. First, we dissolved the salt in water. 



 Then we used a sieve to collect the salt water and retain the sand.

Experiment 5                                                     Oil & Water

We mixed oil and water

The oil floated on the water.

We decanted the oil off the water.

Experiment 6                                                           Mixing Paint  

We mixed primary colour paint.

We discovered that red and blue make purple; red and yellow make orange; blue and yellow make green; all three primary colours make brown.

We were not able to separate the colours once they were mixed. 



Investigating Materials

First Class investigated materials and their properties. We looked at materials suitable for homes in Ireland. We considered whether they were hard or soft, heavy or light, strong or weak, transparent or opaque, heat conducting or heat insulating, absorbent or waterproof. We also thought about materials for use in houses in other lands. We had a lot of fun and learned a lot. 









From Play-doh to moon sand to gloop!

Everyone in Rang Naomh Eoin Special Needs Unit loves play doh! Here we are enjoying playing with play doh.
One day in Rang Naomh Eoin we were making play doh. Everyone was helping to get the ingredients ready when Noreen realised we had no flour!! What were we to do? Up high in a corner of the shelf Lucy spotted some corn flour. Could we use this she wondered? Eoghan, Emma and Aibhe all agreed to give it a go, and so our first experiment began!The thing that we love most, even more than playing with play doh, is making play doh!


Ingredient  for Play doh;

2 cups of flour

Half cup salt

2 tablespoons cream of tartar

1 cup water

Food colouring

Experiment One

What happens when you switch corn flour for flour in your play doh recipe?


You get moon sand!

In this case we switched the flour for corn flour.  Look what we made! Its moon sand exclaimed teacher!!!! We were all very excited. Emma was a bit apprehensive about the moon sand. She thought it felt a bit strange on her hands. It was certainly not the same as play doh! Eoghan immediately took a liking to this new material we had created. It felt great in his hands. He could mould it and shape it and he loved the way it crumbled, a bit like the topping for the apple crumble we made last week! Aibhe and Lucy got to work right – experimenting to see it they could roll it like play doh and cut out shapes to use as biscuits for our teddy’s tea party. What fun! 

Moon sand recipe

2 cups of cornflour

Half cup salt

2 tablespoons cream of tartar

1 cup water

Food colouring 

This corn flour stuff was fantastic! What? We have run out of salt and cream of tartar???? No problem said, Eileen. She had thought of something else we could do with corn flour.

Experiment Two

What happens if you leave out the salt and cream of tartar in your moon sand recipe?


You get gloop!

 Well, look what we have made now!! ‘It is very icky and gloopy and strange,’ says Lucy. It feels nice! Aibhe certainly loves it. She is laughing and running her fingers through it! What do you think Emma? Yes, I could get used to this, thinks Emma. It IS lovely to feel ,Eoghan, but not so good for eating I’m afraid.

Gloop recipe

2 cups of cornflour

1 cup of water

Food Colouring


One day Lucy brought in some fake snow.




Lifetime Lab Science Quiz in UCC


On Wednesday the 23rd November, six wonderful girls from St. Joseph’s travelled to UCC in Cork where they competed in the Lifetime Lab Primary Science Quiz.

Fifth Class won their category and were represented by Ava, Ellen and Mary Elizabeth finished with an excellent score of 55 points out of a possible  64. Sixth Class won their category and were represented by Saoirse, Aoife and Lilly scored a brilliant 58 points out of 64.


Well done girls!!!!!! 

Discovery Centre 

Senior Infants are really excited to be visiting The Hollies, A Science Discovery Centre, on the 8th June 2017. We will be cob building, foraging and seed sowing. A very interesting day should be had by all.