Maths Trail

4th Class recently took part in a Maths Trail as part of the Maths-week activities. During the trail, we used our maths skills to solve problems around the school grounds. We investigated all the places that Maths and numbers could be found in our school. We used measuring tape, a trundle wheel and pencils. Some of our activities included: making a graph of the car colour in the carpark, investigating directions in the yard using the position of the sun, examining the school gate and other features measuring the number of lines and bars or grooves that they contained and estimating the rough outline of the building and how it’s circumference would be calculated. We had a great time during the trail. It was amazing to think that Maths can be found in so many places!








Sound in Maths

The children of 5th class participated in a project called ‘sound in maths’, whereby they firstly observed and predicted what decibel level certain sounds would be. They then investigated the decibel level of various sounds in which the children would recognise from day to day.They completed this task by incorporating their mathematical skills into the project. They worked in small groups and designed graphs based on the information they collected.