Design and Make

Junior Infants were building and designing towers for Engineers week. Some children worked with Play doh and pasta at one desk. Some children built with K’nex.  We made bugs and 3-D shapes too.  

Junior infants used pasta to create different types of structures. We tried to build the highest towers that we could but the challenge was that it had to stand on its own. We soon realised that a bigger base leads to a more stable tower.




Building Bridges 

by First Class







Design and Make

Our Third Class were very busy designing and creating Pinball machines.


 Investigating Engineering in the Local Area

Local Engineer,  Mr Brendan Minihane speaks to Sixth Class about his work. He discusses the work being undertaken in Skibbereen at present.  He is the resident engineer on the Skibbereen Flood Relief Scheme. The project will cost almost 18 million euro.